Playtime: 90 Minutes
Players: 1 – 4


David Costa


In Ascended, players take on the role of a magic-sensitive creature that awakens alone in the middle of a medieval-like, dark and icy landscape, completely oblivious to where or what it is. Players will make their way through this wild and dangerous setting, fighting for self-awareness and searching for the ultimate reward – ascension.

Ascended is a game that combines elements of Strategy, Exploration, Fantasy and RPG. It features several ingenious game mechanics ranging from changing game cycles (Daylight and Darkness) and terrain to unique map building, card drafting and combat systems, all framed within a dark and unexpected plot that unveils as the game progresses.

The path to ascension is filled with adventure. Players will start isolated, unaware of each other’s locations and identities. Based on a limited number of possible decisions, they will be able to explore random unknown territory, influence map building and positioning, raid ancient sites for precious artifacts, deal with local superstition, master god-like mutations, recruit brave companions and fight notorious Villains. Inevitably, they will also directly confront each other in epic Close Combat.