Block Happy

Playtime: 50 Minutes
Players: 2 – 5


John Ward, Sam Armes
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This game will make you happy.
Block Happy is a strategic, emotionally powered card game that’s daring, different, and flat out fun. It’s the only game where you play it and feel it, because even though you’re playing a card game, you’re actually playing with your real emotions, which drives the gameplay.

Play with 70 unique emotional creature cards, and their various actions, to take turns showing, playing and finding emotions. The first player to seize all the happiness wins. This may sound simple, but other players want to take your happiness away, and so a tense and funny ‘battle of emotion’ begins, where you must keep control of your emotions, as well as controlling how other players feel too.

Block Happy will entertain and engage your emotions like never before, sparking more joy, fun and happiness into your day.
Play it. Feel it. Believe it.

—description from the publisher