Block Party

Playtime: 5 Minutes
Players: 1 – 6


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Block Party is a game that delights and challenges active minds. Players race to find patterns of icons called Parties. Parties are highly symmetric collections of icons which tickle the brain. With simple shapes and pleasing colors, Block Party brings out your playful side and gets your wheels spinning from the first "Party!"

Features gameplay borrowing attribute matching mechanics like those found in Set and Qwirkle, a tiny number of components (can be played with only 8 wooden blocks), and dozens of variations to vary the game duration, number of players, cooperation or competition, and age range (easier variations for young players and harder ones for masters).

How to Play: Block Party Classic

Block Party can be played with 1-6 players for as long as they like. Players simultaneously search for parties (symmetric collections of four icons, see below for more), shouting "Party!" when they find one, after which they put it together to show the group and flip the four blocks used.

For a more finite and competitive version, players can keep score (often with tokens or Block Party cards) where the first player to 10 parties wins. This number can be changed to alter the duration of the game, or set per player to handicap and make for a fair race.