Playtime: 45 Minutes
Players: 3 – 5


Uwe Rosenberg
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In 2018, German publisher AMIGO released a special edition of the Bohnanza base game in a marketing partnership with the food production company ültje that contains six bonus peanut cards. ("Peanut" in German is "Erdnuss".)

The game plays as traditional Bohnanza, with players trading cards and planting beans in fields in order to score points. While normally each type of bean must stand on its own in a field, the peanut card can be played on any other type of bean. If a field is harvested with a peanut on top of it, the entire field is worthless (as the peanut thief has been caught in the act). If, however, the peanut is buried between two other beans in that field, then the field is worth one more taler than normal.

AMIGO notes that it produced 10,000 copies of this special edition.