Bucket of Doom: Toxic Edition

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 4 – 20


Venues: ,


Your favourite storytelling card game is back, with more dark humour than ever AND a toxic twist.

Not familiar with the Bucket of Doom? Where have you BEEN?! This thrilling 17+ card game is one you really don’t want to lose. Let us explain:

Step 1: Read out one of the doom cards to discover what sort of mess you’re in – for example, let’s say you’re trapped in the Death Star garbage crusher and the walls are closing in.

Step 2: Take a look at your 8 useless object cards. These could be anything, from a severed finger or Heather Mills’ false leg, to a pantomime horse outfit or Elton John’s favourite toupee. Come up with a cunning escape plan and share it with your fellow players – remember to be convincing, inventive, and a little bit absurd.

Step 3: Vote on who had the best plan, the one with the most votes wins!

—description from the publisher