Daring Dustbunnies

Playtime: 75 Minutes
Players: 2 – 5


Andy Hopwood
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Description from the publisher:

You are one of the magical Dustbunnies living under the sofa. Each time the vacuum cleaner comes out you strive to be recognised as the most daring of all Dustbunnies by risking the dangers of the vortex.

Each round your fate is secretly linked with one of six fluffballs. The closer you can get your fluffball to the vacuum without it being sucked-up the more daring you will seem when the fates are revealed after the contest.
Use your innate control of static, charms you found down the back of the sofa and your unique character powers to collectively propel the balls of fluff across the carpet. The furniture, rugs and even pets you encounter will help and hinder your efforts.
Keep which colour of fluffball fate has handed you a secret, while working out which one your opponents are linked to and then decide which to send up the tube. Choose correctly and your opponent will be the agonised loser while you will rise to fame and glory in the kingdom behind the skirting boards.

Daring Dustbunnies is a game for 2 to 5 players. Each game lasts approximately 15 minutes per player and is suitable for ages 10 and up.

This is a card driven race game with a difference. The aim of the game is to attempt to move the fluffball you are secretly supporting to the highest scoring position (closest to the vacuum) when each round ends without being sucked-up.
You start the game with 4 randomly dealt cards, each showing one of the six fluffballs and a "suction" number for how far it moves. On your turn you play one card to move a fluffball towards the doom that is the vacuum cleaner. Each carpet tile has a special power and if you move a fluffball onto an empty tile you immediately perform the carpet action. Moving onto an occupied space will reward you with static, the currency in the game which powers the charms. Exhausting your hand of cards will earn you an extra charm and four new cards.

Keeping which ball of fluff you are linked to a secret is key if you want it to stay out of the vacuum.
Being closest to the vacuum of doom will earn you a gold medal but being inside it loses you everything.
Use timing, tactics and trickery to prove you are the smartest and bravest of all the Daring Dustbunnies.