Death By Coconuts

Playtime: 45 Minutes
Players: 2 – 8


Courtney Wood, Marty Pardoe, Matt Ludlow, Roberto Rotaru


You’re on an afterlife cruise to the totally tropical island of Eternal Paradise – your final destination… If you catch our drift. On the way, your ship slams into a rock, not far from the sad sandy shores of Purgatory Island. You manage to escape the sinking vessel on a trusty inflatable flamingo and reach the shore, self-assured that you’ve survived a shipwreck and shark-infested waters – only to be bludgeoned by a falling coconut.

What are the chances?! Well it turns out, there are an average of 150 deaths by coconut per year. You regain consciousness to the realisation the shipwreck has turned your heavenly cruise to Eternal Paradise into a hellish race across Purgatory Island.

From Coconut Beach, you’ve gotta move by backing your betting ability in deciding which of the three options is most deadly. For example: Falling Coconuts, Lightning Strike or Extreme Selfies

You’ll be betting by using the only currency to hand: coconuts (ironically). You’ve got a one-in-three chance of getting the answer correct. Which is roughly the same odds as being struck by lightning… if you play golf in a thunderstorm… dressed like a medieval jouster.

Bet small and move cautiously. Bet big and move quickly – but risk going backwards just as fast. Navigate shortcuts and lava flows – you know, the usual features of a deserted tropical island. Oh, and look out for buried treasure, it could be the difference between life and death.

Whichever tactic you choose, only the first to the finish gets into Eternal Paradise. It’s a pretty exclusive guest list – so you better get a move on! Or you’ll be wandering the wastes of purgatory for eternity… And that sounds like a fate worse than death!

So, grab yourself a few fellow shipwrecked shipmates and get going on the race to Eternal Paradise, where your knowledge of death just might save your life.