Playtime: N/A
Players: 2 – 0


Paul Sellers


In Dingbats, each player has a time limit to try to win as many Dingbats cards as possible by solving the puzzle on each one. The first card chosen must be in a corner, and subsequent cards must be adjacent to the previous one, if possible. If an incorrect answer is given for a particular card, the turn ends immediately and a new card is placed on top. If a player gives the correct answer for a replacement card, they take all cards in that pile.

There are three categories of cards:

Thingbats – 5 points – part picture and part word
Dingbats – 10 points – words and numbers only
Kingbats – 15 points – harder Dingbats

There are optional wild cards which include actions such as forcing another player to miss a turn, or gaining extra time.