Dream Heist

Playtime: 60 Minutes
Players: 2 – 5


Bruno Gervasi, Reid Cuddy


Dream Heist is a board game that takes place in the dream world. The board represents the inside of a dreamer’s mind, who is known as the Mark. Each player is trying to plant an idea in the Mark’s dream, hoping that when he wakes, he will carry out their chosen task. The key is to make your task seem achievable to the Mark and to make sure he believes it was his own idea from its inception. In order to do this the dream needs to be so real, that when the Mark wakes up, the planted idea sticks and he performs the mission without a second thought.

Each player starts the game with his or her own mission. This is the core idea that they are trying to plant inside the Mark’s mind before the dream ends. Each mission is comprised of four steps: Architect, Forger, Extractor, and Inception. Players must collect the correct number of cards for each of these four steps in order to plant their idea fully. This is done by circling the different dream levels in the direction of your choice. There are spaces for collecting cards and planting ideas. Once an idea is planted in a certain section of the Mark’s mind, that section is full. The other players must move to another dream level where the section in need is still available. There are also spaces where players encounter the Mark’s subconscious, which can either help or hurt you.

As you move down the dream levels to plant the different phases of your idea, you gain more points. However, it takes more time the further down the levels you go, so you have to plan your route wisely. Ultimately, the Mark will only carry out one player’s planted idea when he wakes. This player receives extra points and increases his or her chances for victory.