Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 3 – 6


Athena Cagle, Jasn Painter


DrunkQuest is a fantasy-based card game with fast-paced gameplay and a sense of encouraged competition – and drinking.

The object of DrunkQuest is to level up to 6. In order to do that players must defeat monsters in Drunk Combat! Each monster has a drink value that must be taken in order to defeat it. But it’s not easy when other players are trying to stop you from defeating your monster while trying to defeat their own.

At the start of the game players are given a Hero class such as a wizard or warrior and also a Realm card which signifies where the hero is from. These cards offer permanent bonuses and actions throughout the entire game.

Players are then given five treasure cards. These cards do a lot of things. From giving a player a permanent bonus in the form of weapons and gear. To making it more difficult for other players to defeat their monsters by adding drinks to it or removing its rewards or even just stealing the monster for yourself.

Each monster defeated grants a level unless otherwise changed by a treasure card. The first player to reach level 6 wins!