Edge of Humanity

Playtime: 45 Minutes
Players: 2 – 5


Elad Goldsteen, Pini Shekhter
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"We never saw it coming. Were we the one who fired first?" He asked himself as if it even mattered. The night’s sky, red as always, made him sigh. He felt lucky to even be alive, but can you even call this a life? "Is it time to move forward? Is it time to rebuild? Is there even a point?”

After a worldwide conflict that led to a chain reaction of events, civilization as we knew it ceased to exist and humanity is now at the brink of extinction. In this apocalyptic future, a group of survivors will try to raise hope for the human race by establishing a new civilized inception.

In Edge of Humanity, 2-5 survivors try to get enough Survival points (SP) to win the game. The game takes near 30 minutes of play and introduces a new take on deck-building, drafting, and hand management. The survivors explore and try to collect enough resources and draft new survivors to maintain their everyday living. They encounter each round of play a new event that may affect many facets of their upcoming rounds of play.


1 Survival Guide
1 Map
224 cards:
39 Event cards
49 Supply cards
34 Survivor cards
65 Action cards
27 Building cards
10 Colony cards
46 Life tokens (with 36
‘1’ and 10 ‘3’ values)
25 Bullet tokens
1 Unlucky token
1 First player token
5 Player bases in 5 colors
6 Survivor figures