Hocus Pocus

Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 2 – 6


Elliot Hogg


Players are young wizards who fight over magic gems.

At his/her turn, one plays Hocus cards, while every player can play Pocus cards.

• The 50 red Hocus cards are powerful 9 different spells allowing players to draw cards, take or steal gems, force an opponent to discard cards, look at the cards on the top of the pile…

• The 25 yellow Pocus cards can only be combined with a Hocus card already in play, modifying its effects in order to protect oneself against a evil spell, double the effect of any spell, remove all other Pocus cards in play… There’re 8 different Pocus cards.

Every wizard has always 3 of his/her cards face up in front of him/her, so every player partially knows the hand of all the others.

At the end of his/her turn, a player can either draw 2 cards or take 1 gem from the magic cauldron. The game ends whenever the cauldron is empty, and the player with the most gems wins.