I’m Right You’re Wrong

Playtime: 15 Minutes
Players: 2 – 5




What if petty arguments were like a card battle game?

Would you be mean or would you be nice?

I’m Right You’re Wrong is an imaginary argument. Your hand is filled with comebacks like “SCREW YOU” and “SORRY”. Battle it out until one player is left standing, and FOREVER CORRECT!

Sometimes nice guys DO finish last. So, will you take the high road and use your INSIDE VOICE? Or, will you tell your opponents to EAT DIRT?

Here’s the catch… Most cards suck and there’s only so much kindness to go around.

Pick your battles wisely and don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

How To Play:
Draw a card at the beginning of each turn.
Play one from your hand and follow the rule on the card.
Run out of cards or break a rule, you lose.
Get caught cheating, you lose.
Game ends when one player is left standing.

Creator’s Comments:
The message of this game is: WORDS HAVE POWER. In a world growing increasingly combative, people matter. Relationships matter. Whether Right or Wrong, let kindness lead the way.