It’s Good to Be the King

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 3 – 6


Ben Shanks
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(from publisher’s website)

It’s good to be the king. When you rule the land by divine right, none may question your authority and you may do as you will. You possess absolute power, giving your whim the force of law and drawing the people of the realm into your majestic presence as ants are drawn to sweet, pure honey. Unfortunately, you are not the king. You are one of the ants.

The object of It’s Good to Be the King is currying the most favor with the king by providing the most important elements for a series of events to honor him. During the course of each game, the king demands that seven events be held for his pleasure. These include such diversions as parades, hunts, feasts, and tourneys.

In order to do the royal bidding, players manage their hands in order to collect the things necessary to satisfy the king’s demands while preventing the other players from doing the same. Use care when getting rid of your cards, since what is useless for the Tourney may be vital for an upcoming Feast! The player who has the most royal favor at the end of the seventh round of play is the winner.

Each set includes a Court Deck of 80 cards, a Chartulary Deck of 10 cards, and an instruction sheet. It’s Good to Be the King is suited for 3-6 players who do not mind backstabbing their opponents. This fast and fun game of court intrigue and chicanery will be on store shelves this June, so round up some friends and prepare to be royally entertained!