Monopoly Deal

Playtime: 15 Minutes
Players: 2 – 3




From the back of the box:

Fast-dealing, card-stealing fun!
Enjoy the rollercoaster experience of Monopoly in just 15 minutes! Collect full property sets to win!

This is the "lite" version of Monopoly Deal Card Game, distributed by Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC (UK) consisting of 52 cards for 2-3 players including 3 Forced Purchase cards, 6 sets of property cards, wildcards, action cards and money cards. Morrisons is printed on the promotional card.

For more infomation see Free card games at Morrisons (UK) thread.

Also sold through "Sue Ryder" (UK) charity shops (2015).

Also sold through "REWE" (GER) supermarkets (2018).