Monopoly Junior

Playtime: 45 Minutes
Players: 2 – 4


Venues: ,


Join Rich Uncle Pennybags and his nieces and nephews for a thrill-filled day at the Amusements along the Boardwalk – the Roller Coaster, the Magic Show, the Water Slide, the Video Arcade and more.

Of course the kids want to get into the act, so they set up Ticket Booths on the Amusements and collect fees from other players who land on them! Set up a Ticket Booth on two Amusements of the same color, and you can collect double the fee! Draw a Chance card and you may take a ride on a Miniature Railroad, win a free Ticket Booth…or pay $3 to visit the Rest Room!

With all this money changing hands, sooner or later one of the players runs out – and the player with the most cash on hand wins…