Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 2




An environmentally conscious abstract strategy game.
It’s an incredibly simple yet insanely addictive abstract strategy game, designed to send you or your opponent over the edge – three discs each, two moves per turn, one wrong move and it could be game over!
Flip a disc to decide who starts. Players then take it in turns to make two moves each turn.
Individual discs can move one square at a time or two squares with your two moves, either forwards, backwards or sideways and in any combination of these, but no disc can ever be moved diagonally.
Rows of linked discs can be moved together lengthways, like train carriages, one square at a time, which counts as one move, but you can’t move rows widthways.
To nudge an opponent’s disc, you have to out-number them lengthways – 2 against 1 and so on.
The game ends when you nudge an opponent’s disc off any edge of the board. It’s as simple as that. Then you rack it up and you play again