Playtime: 60 Minutes
Players: 2 – 4


Dale Walton


Goal: Get all your pieces across the board first (Like in Chinese Checkers)

Setup: Fill the board with 18 octagonal tiles(designating all the different permutations of connections between the 8 sides of a tile) starting face down, leaving one switch tile for exchanging.

Place up to 5 colored runners on their starting circles. A turn consists of: Replacing a tile with the "switch" tile, then move one runner across it, either across one tile, or until the path ends.
The board is beautifully made with colored felt holes designating the starting spaces. There are optional rules for solitaire, standard, and team play.

2003 Mensa Select

Online Play

Boardspace.net (real-time, AI option)

Mobile Apps

Boardspace.net local multiplayer or online, IOS
Boardspace.net local multiplayer or online, Android

Narrow is an unauthorized reproduction of Octiles