Rabbito: A Game for Pushy Rabbits for 2-4 Players

Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 2 – 4


Russ Law, Tim Sharville


Rabbito is a light strategy carrot-taking board game for 2-4 players.

Each player (on their turn) rolls both dice, places a carrot on the board, from the bag, and then moves the highest dice rolled to push carrots (and other rabbits) down the warren holes which they rake up with their wooden rakes and fill their burrow cards as fast as possible.

The first rabbit to score 7 carrots (for a quick game) or 14 carrots for a full game is the winner. It’s a quick, light family game for ages 5 to adult.

On the surface, Rabbito is a simple game of rabbit racing and carrot stealing, but you’ll need to use your noggin to plan your best moves, position your rabbit for maximum pushiness and avoid getting shoved down a warren hole and losing your carrots.

-description from designer