Playtime: 60 Minutes
Players: 3 – 4


Tony Boydell
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Scandaroon is an engaging and quizzical card game for 3 or 4 players played over four rounds. Players are dealt a hand of cards each round, with which they will compete to create their own high scoring row, while seeking to minimize their opponents’ scores.

Players are awarded victory points for specific achievements during the game, such as getting the highest score in a single round, and victory points may change as the game develops.

Scandaroon has a scoreboard, a set of wooden markers for each player and a pack of special cards, each of which has a scoring value, a suit, and an effect or ability that will modify the scoring values of other cards.

"Scimitar Lusts To Take A Life Away
Subtle Strength Is Gained ‘Neath Crescent Moon
Courtly Intrigues Follow Turbans’ Play
Cross-Tiles Their Gifts Bestows In Scandaroon"
(extract from ‘The Rubiyat of Th’ Noble Lady yon’)