Sloths vs Kraken

Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 2 – 8




It’s Sloths vs Kraken in a race to spell KRAKEN first. Use tactical Sloth cards to slow your opponents from spelling KRAKEN while you race to build the word yourself. Use Tornadoes, Wipeout Balls, LolliSloth Ladies, X-Ray Vision, Slam Dunks, DJ Skills, Pickpocketing and Bank Robbery to edge ahead in summoning the sea monster from the depths. A party or warm up game that can be played quickly and taught even quicker.

Each turn a player plays a card out of their hand of 7. The card effects are played out and then the player replenishes their hand back up to 7 cards from either the draw pile or the top card of the discards. Card effects include stealing cards from other players, wiping out other players hands, looking at other players hands, blocking another players effect card.

The game moves around the players until one of them spells the word KRAKEN with the letter cards and shouts KRAKEN. Any player that has 5 letters of the word KRAKEN must shout AHOY or forfeit their hand and start with a fresh hand.