Stand & Deliver

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 1 – 6


David Morris (I)
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Stand & Deliver is a game of Highwaymen. Become the likes of the notorious Dick Turpin, the suave Claude Duval or the Wicked Lady Katherine Ferrers.

You may form alliances with other players or strike it out for yourself, but be warned alliances between these knights of the roads do not last forever.

Start the game by selecting your highwayman. Then draw a number of coach cards equal to the number of players. Secretly pick which coach to rob then negotiate with other players at the same coach whether to share or fight for the spoils. If there are no other players then you rob the coach. But be warned some coaches are more heavily armed than others or may even be an ambush.

Your goal is to amass as much loot as you can whilst avoiding the Red Coats and the Tyburn Gallows.