Playtime: 15 Minutes
Players: 1 – 6


Andrew Sage


The game is based around placing symbol cards so that either their colour or shape match their neighbours. The game area is restricted to an 8 by 8 card limit.

Symbotica can be played in four different ways: the Standard Game, the Simple Game, Five Card Symbotica and the one player Symbotica Challenge.

The aim of the Standard, Simple and Five Card Symbotica games is to score the maximum number of points. Points are scored based on the placing of the cards. In order to cater for different age groups, the scoring is either based on addition or multiplication.

The one player Symbotica Challenge consists of trying to get as close as possible to the full grid of 64 cards using the same placement rules as the other games but without any scoring.

The game appeals to a wide range of ages from children learning simple pattern matching, addition or multiplication right up to those adults who want to keep their mind fit.

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