The Great Tour: European Cities

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 3 – 6


Dennis Merkx, Kees Meis


Europe is full of things to see and do, and you’ve decided to get a slice of the action in The Great Tour: European Cities. Transport tourists in your bus between the great cities to see the sights, from the La Scala in Milan to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and many others! However, you’ll have to contend with your competitors who are less than eager to let you win.

In more detail, plan your journey, draw ticket cards, and drive your bus from one destination to the next. For each complete journey, you receive points that count toward your final score. You are also rewarded for each new destination, the most completed journeys, and more.

Keep your wheels turning because the great tour has just begun!

—description from the back of the box