The Logo Board Game

Playtime: 40 Minutes
Players: 2 – 6




The game’s theme is based on answering questions relating to popular advertising logos and brands. Players move their pawns around a spiraling board for answering questions correctly relating to a logo, until they get to the Winning Zone at the centre of the board. Movement depends on the successful answering of questions to proceed to the next coloured area on the board.

Different countries have different versions of the game, with many local brands represented in each edition.

There are 400 cards with 4 questions on each card – blue, green, yellow and red.

The winning player is the first person to get around the board by answering the most questions correctly. They then win by answering all the questions on a card (blue, green, yellow and red question) whilst in the Winning Zone.

Game play alternates as players take it in turn to ask questions and move around the board.