The London Pub Crawl

Playtime: 90 Minutes
Players: 2 – 8




The London Pub Crawl is easy to pick-up-and-play so that new and old friends can join in quickly. The game board has includes a simplified set of the rules for those more forgetful pub crawlers…

Start the Crawl – Roll the die to discover where you start on the game board and pull your first Pub Card.
How to Crawl – Start each turn by pulling a Crawl Card, read it aloud and play the action on the back.
Where to Crawl – Then roll the die and take any path you wish to reach the location on your Pub Card.
Crawl to Victory – when you reach your first Pub, draw your next Pub Card and continue playing until you become the first player to reach three pubs and declare *burp* victory!

—description from the publisher