The Million Pound Drop

Playtime: N/A
Players: 2 – 0




Based on the TV show of the same name that challenges the public to bet big or risk losing everything.

Just like the TV show you begin with a million pounds in your possession, bundled as sets of £50 notes. Over a series of rounds you then run the risk of losing some or the entire amount. The game continues until you complete all the questions, or are left with nothing. How do you win or lose money? Well you must answer questions correctly, with a sequence of multiple choice questions consisting or four, three and then two possible answers.
That’s where the fun starts. The board game consists of four trap doors that you can place money on to pick your answers. You can put money on as many doors as you like, but must leave one empty. There’s only ever one right answer, so if you spread money across multiple doors you will always lose some of it (or all if the empty door is the correct one).