The Rules of Everything

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 3 – 8




In this fast-paced card game, each player takes their turn picking up a card from the deck, reading out the rule and following that rule. Every player will have their own set of rules to follow, determined by which cards they pick up.
The rules on the cards consist of things like movement, speech, and memory challenges.

The more cards a player has, the more challenging the game becomes for them. However, a quarter of the deck contains beneficial cards that allow a player to gain points, drop their cards, or win the game if they have enough points.

If a player breaks a rule on one of their cards, they must pay the penalty written in red. If they don’t have any points, they must drop all of their cards and start again. So stay alert and call out rule-breakers when you see them. Using the in-game decisions, players can use strategy along with their skills to win the game.