Playtime: 20 Minutes
Players: 2


Ed Saperia, James Knight, Sam Ballard


Thronestorm is a game of deep strategy for two players, condensed into an intense ten minutes where each game is different and every move counts. Portable and quick to learn, it’s perfect for cafés, train journeys, and lunch breaks.

Develop your influence across a constantly shifting realm by claiming powerful relics belonging to one of ten noble houses, all while making subtle maneuvers to thwart your opponent’s plans.

Each relic you hold allows you to manipulate the position of other relics in regions controlled by the corresponding house. These areas of influence themselves change as the relics move, and often overlap with those of your opponent.

The first player to unite a matching set of four relics wins the game, but as you consolidate your power over one house, your control over the realm diminishes. Dance effortlessly from one alliance to another while quietly establishing your dominance over the realm, until your opponent can do nothing but watch helplessly as you seize the throne!

The crystal staff from the wizard’s college, an enchanted lute from the bard’s guild, the cutlass of the pirate king, or the black knight’s helm; the deck of relics consists of forty cards, each an original painting by legendary artist Sam Ballard.

—description from the publisher