Travel Trivia Challenge

Playtime: 45 Minutes
Players: 2 – 4


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Can you get around the world in 80 days? That’s the challenge for you and your fellow passengers – er, players. You must travel through all 6 continents, answering questions based on each one. Questions might be about the food, languages, landmarks, money, cities, and more. Which Central American country is the original ‘Banana Republic’? Which 60cm object is Thailand’s most sacred figure? The Moors are the dominant ethnic group of which west African country? The answers – Honduras, The Emerald Buddha, and Mauritania. Each correct answer moves you forward on the board, but each time you are asked a question, one day is marked off your timetable. Direction cards might give you added time for your journey (Air traffic control strike – add 2 days to your timetable!) but you might lose time as you pass through Customs. Just like with real travel, you can expect the unexpected and you’re sure to learn things about the world that you never knew before! Who will make it around the world in 80 days or less? Game comes with 4 Wipe Clean Score Cards, 4 Pens, 1 Game Board, 4 Player Tokens, 295 Travel Question Cards, 32 Direction Cards, and 3 Customs Cards.