Very British Problems

Playtime: 90 Minutes
Players: 4 – 8




Would you know who said they’d meekly find another chair when they arrived at the office if they found a stranger sitting in theirs? Or who said they’d put headphones on and pretend to be asleep if the person next to them began chatting on a long flight? All will be revealed as you sit around drinking milky tea, awkwardly discussing your inner Britishness by playing Very British Problems!

—description from the publisher

You start on the starting line. One person reads the question on the card. All players are armed with a wipe clean board and a pad. You write your answer on the pad, they all get read out and you have to guess who said what. However many you get right is how many spaces you move. This is a straight forward party style game where moves race around a track by guessing who said what.

—user summary