Playtime: 90 Minutes
Players: 1 – 2


Vladimir Teneslav


About the Game

M.I.N.D is a tactical strategy board game set in a sci-fi setting in which players are in control of a colony and have to manage and expand it while facing different crisis and invaders. M.I.N.D can be played solo or in two players, but also with up to four players with the help of an extra copy. The goal is to build your colony and complete the set of five achievements required by the game before the last turn ends. Players can play as a purely cooperative game where everyone wins or loses together. Or they can play competitively, in which case they can sabotage or attack their opponents.

Players build new sectors, train new citizens and manage their command to do as many actions as they can to maximize production of credits, influence, equipment or overpower while also progressing. The game requires lots of planning since there are many things that can intervene and ruin your plan if not paying attention. Players interact and can either help or sabotage each other. Units can be sent to start fires, break structures, close doors, start an epidemic or even unpower structures. To resolve all these players need to assign command to their units and use them to repair, build or interact with different things from the colony. Players can improve their units by equipping them with items or assigning them influence thus enabling them access to the faction’s unique super power.

If you like strategy games, games that can be played solo, games that have confrontation or simply that let you cooperate with a friend while facing a great challenge then M.I.N.D may be the perfect choice for you.