Quiz Quoz

Playtime: 30 Minutes
Players: 2 – 9


Mark Edward Reade Quartley
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Quiz Quoz is a fast, fun trivia game anyone can win. Think a traditional quiz meets tic-tac-toe meets bingo, with three unique strands of luck that mean even a beginner can beat a brainbox.

The game takes a minute to learn, is family-friendly and takes 15-30 minutes to play.

So whether you’re into Shakespeare, the Super Bowl, Star Wars or Subatomic particle physics, please support our kickstarter and help make Quiz Quoz a reality.

How To Play:

1) A Player or Team selects one of the game boards to play, then rolls a six-sided die.
2) The outcome of the die roll indicates the difficulty of the question they are asked.
3) If you answer correctly, you place a counter on the corresponding number on your Quiz Quoz game board. Each game board is a random 3×3 grid of numbers from 1-9. Each box contains one of the numbers and there are no duplicates.
4) The winner of the game is the player/team that completes a vertical, horizontal or diagonal straight line on their Quiz Quoz game board.

171 Cards (1026 Questions)
1 Six-Sided Die
6 Game Boards
36 Counters